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Rwanda Gorillas
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Rwanda - Game Parks and Reserves

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game parks and reserves in rwanda

Parks and reserves .

Parc National Des Volcans:
Situated 91 kms NW of the capital Kigali, it's a 2 hours drive to the town of Ruhengeri. You are then driven on to the starting point in Kinigi where the hike begins to the edge of the forest. Here, you will get a brief break for instructions on how to behave in the presence of gorillas. The tracking then begins. Once inside the forest, the following must be observed.

- No spitting in the park.
- No littering
- No coughing in the direction of the gorillas.
- Only speak in whispers.
- Do not point at the gorillas.
- Movement around the gorillas must be unthreatening.
- No venturing behind thick shrubs. You may surprise a gorilla.
- If you get stung by a nettle, do not cry out, scream and shoot-out loud or make any sudden moves.
- If a gorilla charges or vocalizes, do not look directly at it. Stand perfectly still unless the guide asks you to crouch or move back.

Volcano National Park
Situated in the north west of Rwanda, these magnificent mountains are one of the last refuges of the Mountain Gorilla species (Gorilla Berengei). Situated in North West of Rwanda Volcano National Park borders Virunga National Park in the Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. This volcanic massif is densely forested: from 8,500 to 11,000 feet (2,590 to 3,350 meters) primary forest is donated by Hagenia trees growing 30-60 feet (9-18 meters). Hagenia have twisted trunks with low branches covered with lichen out of which parasites and epiphytic orchids often grow.

Akagera National park:
Akagera has beautiful undulating plains with dense, broad-leafed woodland, lighter acacia woodland and rolling grassland with a extensive series of lakes linked by papyrus swamps forming a sprawling wetland. The game in the park is recovering after years of poaching and human presence, with Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe and Lion and different Antelope beginning to be seen. Akagera is probably the best place in Africa to view papyrus swamp endemics such Sitatunga Antelope and the Shoebill Stork.

Nyungwe Forest Reserve:
This massive mountain forest, in southern Rwanda, is the largest in Central Africa. There are over 12 miles of pristine hiking trails in the area that expose walkers to enormous hardwood stands, numerous waterfalls, and an eye-boggling variety of other trees and insects (including some dazzling species of butterfly). Hiking is quite difficult in Nyungwe as it is an incredibly mountainous reserve with a variety of habitats including wetlands, forested valleys and bamboo zones. Elevation ranges from 5250 to 9680 feet (1600 to 2950m). The vegetation is very thick and many slopes are incredibly steep, if not impossible to ascend.

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