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Your East African Tour Company for the ultimate Safari experience.

The Savannah Tracks personnel systematically introduce you to the local East African culture while you tour the Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanian, Rwanda and Zanzibar wildlife parks, sanctuaries and reserves. It is without a doubt that Savannah Tracks Limited is a unique and effective East African tour company that offers various professional services.


Kenya Safari Destinations

It was no accident that the 'Out of Africa' story and film came into being. The unsurpassed beauty and spectacular landscapes of a raw country straddling the equator formed a crumble in molding the life of a Danish countess giving her the background and experience that produced such a masterpiece of descriptive writing...

Uganda Safari Destinations

Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the "Pearl of Africa" with its vast wilderness areas and perhaps the continent's most diverse range of Wildlife. The country offers top wildlife destinations, fantastic adventure holidays and the best bird life anywhere...

Tanzania Safari Destinations

Tanzania follows an enlightened policy of wildlife conversation and is the only country in the world where almost one quarter of the land has been set aside as national parks, game sanctuaries and game reserves...

Rwanda Safari Destinations

Rwanda is a landlocked country surrounded by Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south, and Zaire to its west and northwest...

Zanzibar Safari Destinations

Zanzibar is still the best-kept secret in the Indian Ocean, with its fascinating historical Stone Town and magnificent beaches. Zanzibar, a part of the United Republic of Tanzania, is a series of many islands, the main ones being Unguja and Pemba...
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