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Aberdare National Park.

With 766 square kilometers, the park is a mixture of forest and moorland, with many cascading waterfalls, thick bamboo forest and sub-alpine plants. The major part lies at an altitude of 3,500 meters.
Deep ravines slice forested inclines, through which flow hidden streams which icy waterfalls tumble down rock faces. Above the thick forest area are reaches of alpine type moorlands usually hidden in mists. The park is a fairyland, awesome in its majesty and beauty, being rich in wildlife-elephant, rhino, the pig family, antelope, lion, leopard and buffalo, with monkeys of all types including the spectacular black and white Columbus. Birdlife is abundant and varied, the most conspicuous groups being the sunbirds, while game birds abound in plenty, as do birds of prey.

Aberdare national park in kenya
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